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Snarry Games Nov. 6th, 2008 @ 12:50 pm
I can't believe I completely forgot to tell you:
My Snarry Games entry's posted. Have a look, it's quite a bargain! *wink* 6 pics (or 7 including the centerpiece) in 1. Click for the close-ups, there are 7 clickable areas.
Title: Family Clock
Team: Dragon
Genre(s): Romance
Prompt(s): True colours, Tenderness
Rating/Warnings/Kinks:NC-17; threesome
Artist's Notes/Thank you's: Thanks to all the Mods and fellow Dragonz for their help, kindness and sympathy. My special thanks to the brilliant twilightsorcery for her help to make the pic 'clickable'.
Media used: graphite pencils, Photoshop 

Family Clock by Majmunka )
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Thanks, SG Champion Interview and Dragonz Sep. 30th, 2008 @ 05:02 pm
I'm sorry to cram it all into one post but...

1. Thank you for all the hugs, sympathy and condolences. It means a lot for me and makes me feel much better. The Fandom is a (much needed) lovely distraction. <3

2. Despite everything I still participate in the </a></b></a>[info]snarry_games, my Champion Interview Art Meme is already posted. Have a look :)

3. Wanna see a bunch of gorgeous dragonz? (My SG Team is Dragon, of course, ROAR!)
There is a stone-cutter with a cute and funny name Kajla Ferenc (the word pronounced "kyla" in Hungarian means bent down ears like some puppies or bunnies have, see example here: bunny ). He is a very prolific and talented artist carving romanesque style stone sculptures. I have more than 100 pictures of his works, some of them are dragons, so I put all the dragon pics into this gallery. I hope you like them as I do. (The first dragon will be build in to the wall of my living room.) 
DRAGONZ here :)

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