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Thanks, SG Champion Interview and Dragonz September 30th, 2008 - 05:02 pm
I'm sorry to cram it all into one post but...

1. Thank you for all the hugs, sympathy and condolences. It means a lot for me and makes me feel much better. The Fandom is a (much needed) lovely distraction. <3

2. Despite everything I still participate in the </a></b></a>[info]snarry_games, my Champion Interview Art Meme is already posted. Have a look :)

3. Wanna see a bunch of gorgeous dragonz? (My SG Team is Dragon, of course, ROAR!)
There is a stone-cutter with a cute and funny name Kajla Ferenc (the word pronounced "kyla" in Hungarian means bent down ears like some puppies or bunnies have, see example here: bunny ). He is a very prolific and talented artist carving romanesque style stone sculptures. I have more than 100 pictures of his works, some of them are dragons, so I put all the dragon pics into this gallery. I hope you like them as I do. (The first dragon will be build in to the wall of my living room.) 
DRAGONZ here :)

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