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Waiting For The Miracle in Zagreb July 23rd, 2010 - 11:16 pm
Hi, dearest Flist,
I left my beloved Severus to Harry for a week to be able to devote my (almost) undivided attention to my only other love. The first Miracle will come Sunday but he is already here which fact makes me all sappy :D After the first concert I will stalk follow him to Salzburg and Graz. There will be more, but much later. I'll try to keep up at least with the drabbles, sorry for not commenting. Take care ov Za Snarry and don't break the internetz. See you next Friday.

PS: next week I might try to post a comparative study about the advantages/silliness of loving an imaginary character vs a RL star based on mysocalled friends not so kind opinion.
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